Staff Experience

7 Physician Investigators
5 Sub-Investigators (3 Certified Physician Assistants, 2 Certified Nurse Practitioners)
5 Full time and 1 Part Time Clinical Research Coordinators
Administrative/Regulatory Team


We offer a convenient location centered in West Augusta, located on the Doctor’s Hospital Campus. This location provides safety, ease of access and a comfortable waiting room. Our friendly staff will work to create appointments that work with each patient’s schedule while providing the highest level of patient care possible.

Our location houses, 4 comfortable exam rooms, phlebotomy station, wet lab and secured drug storage areas. We also offer comfortable monitoring stations with easy access to materials, information and access to high speed internet.

Patient Demographics

Southeastern Clinical Research Institute patient population consists of primarily of 8000+ patients treated in our Investigators private practices and affiliated dialysis centers. Southeastern Clinical Research Institute partners with all specialty providers when appropriate.